Claw - Cloudify Almighty WrapperΒΆ

  • claw can help you take the pain out of (at least) some bootstrapping woes.

  • Along the way, claw can help you with other Cloudify development-related aspects.

  • claw uses concepts derived from the system tests framework. Mainly, handler configurations which are used to describe different environments in which you may bootstrap on. It tries doing it in a way that will allow you to have many different configurations with as little repetition as possible.

  • claw was initially conceived to ease the day to day Cloudify development pains of a single developer. It hopes it can do the same for more than one developer.

  • Using claw, bootstrapping a Cloudify manager looks like this:

    $ claw bootstrap openstack_datacentred1

To get started, follow the Installation page. Next, don’t miss out on Bash Completion. Without it, working with claw becomes somewhat inconvenient. Next, read Bootstrap and Teardown.

The other sections are great too, but you can certainly get going without them in the beginning.

The code lives here.